Parents: Is Your Teen High On Sauce?

Scientists are calling it “the meth of liquids”. Many kids are introduced to sauce through Hip-Hop, a gateway genre, and teens often miscalculate the potency, and end up way over their heads in sauce. Teens simply are not developmentally ready for the sauce, and it is a parent’s job to make sure they wait until a mature age to make the decision for themselves. You may be confident that your teen is a through-and-through Ranch dressing guy or gal, but what your teen is doing behind closed cafeteria doors may shock you.

If a man does not have sauce then he is lost. But that same man can be lost in the sauce.

– Gucci Mane

Although this substance is legal in Europe and the US, it has traditionally only been served in small doses to Hip-Hop veterans like Gucci Mane. But the sickly sauce is back, this time as a way teens can get high, believing the substance to be less detectable by parents, teachers, and drug tests. However, in addition to bad breath and red rings around the mouth, there are reliable signs your teen is or may be using „the sauce“.

Suddenly very into pasta.

Nothing excites an overbearing parent like a kid who suddenly eats his spagehttis, but don’t be so naive about where all that pasta is going, or what it is a vehicle for. If you recently caught Junior eating mushrooms, licking toads in the woods, or drinking lean, chances are the experimenting didn’t stop when the paint high wore off.

All of your gross condiments are missing

Moderate use can add flavor to life, but if you notice your teen suddenly interested in a variety of sauces or garnishes, make sure they aren’t mixing up mayo and ketchup with things like horseradish, pickles, and various spices. If you notice that half-full jar of pickle relish that came with your house is empty, be wary of the dangerous drug that may be right under your nose. You should be able to smell it though. Keep your kids away from spices just to be sure.