Interview with Trippie Redd

Auch wenn das Stigma „SoundCloud Rapper“ weiter bestehen bleibt, wird die Plattform immer wichtiger bei der Klang Definition des Mainstream Raps. Junge Künstler, dessen Karrieren in den akustischen Wolken starteten, werden von großen Labels unter Vertrag genommen und zu Rockstars des Genres geformt.

Einer diesen jungen Künstler ist Trippie Redd, ein 18-jähriger Rapper aus Ohio, welcher sich durch Kontroversen und seinem melodischen Stil, eine beachtliche Gefolgschaft aufbauen konnte. In den letzten sechs Monaten ist Redd der Plattform entwachsen, auf welcher er den Grundstein seiner Karriere legte. Von Ohios überschaubarer Rap-Szene bis hin zu Namen wie Travis Scott, Rich The Kid, Chris Brown, XXXTentacion und DRAM, wurde Redds Karriere durch unerwartete Kollaborationen in internationale Gewässer entsandt. Er repräsentiert eine neue Inkarnation des Rap-Braggadocio, welcher inspirierenden Freimut und Skepsis durch eine Kombination aus Persönlichkeit, Stil, lyrischem Inhalt und einem DIY-Flair kombiniert.


So, Trippie Redd is a really unique name. How were you able to get that as your artist name?

My family always said I was tripping from being wild so I called myself Trippie and Redd is from my bloods.

Who are your main inspirations for making music?

I was just always singing shit and then I was like fuck it Imma do my own shit I dont look up to anyone, but everyone that made it by themselves is inspiring.

True, everyone who does it by themselves and gets it on their own is inspiring. What inspired „Love Scars“? You getting a lot of buzz from it. How does that feel that so many people have been loving that song?

Honestly the song is a song I had written months ago and I decided to record it. I hope it becomes one of those things that people can count on for some silly fun. They might find things that they come back to. I have no idea. I know I had fun making it and so did my niggas I worked with. I think that translates and make people digging it.

Do you fuck with other artists from Ohio?

Yeah, if you getting it, I’m with it. Just don’t interfere with me.

I feel you. I wouldn’t want anyone getting in my way either. Who is your favorite producer out right now and what’s your favorite song of yours?

Gotta go with Pi’erre Bourne and my song with Kodie Shane „Love and Drugs“. Shits fye.

Pi’erre told me how you guys linked up in Atlanta. He also mentioned how his sound got heavily influenced by asian culture and video games. Does that sound speak to your personality?

Most definitely, because I love nature stuff: I like butterflies, seeing stuff like nice flowers, all that. I like Japan a lot. I like all the lights, I love the culture, anime — I love all that type of stuff.

I’ve seen that you’re a pretty big fan of anime. What about it do you like so much?

It just puts you in a whole other world, with the spirits and things like that. My favorite cartoon is BleachNaruto and Boondocks — I wanna put some voices on there. I love Boondocks. They’re funny. It just felt like it was relating to us the most, because they were two black kids just acting a fool. I first used to see it on Adult Swim. The show covers, when you’re scrolling through Netflix, I just think they look fye.

What was it like meeting with Lil Wayne in Los Angeles? 

Never thought you would come up with a deleted tweet (laughs). Weezys Manager hat gotten in contact with me. So we FacedTimed a couple of times. They said they were gonna fly me out to LA, so I flew out there with Kodie. I was out there for like four days. It was great, it was a different experience. We did two songs; they’re going to be on my upcoming project. It was just the vibe, we were just chilling. He had his people in there, he laid down his verse. He does also melodic things.

What are some of your favorite games, and which have your favorite soundtracks?

I really like Japanese role-playing games old and new, they are all inspirational to me. Fantasy has a big influence to me because it’s a big “what-if.” Games like Chrono Trigger, the Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts. Anything made by Square Enix, really. Ni no Kuni and other open world games that dive a little deeper than just warriors and dragons. I like games that make me think a little more about what I’m playing.

Talking bout collabs and Weeabos. Which rappers would you love to see crossover into the anime universe?

Lil B. I don’t really know, there too many anime rapping ass niggas out there like Uzi and X [Xxxtenatacion]. Maybe Chief Keef? I think they could make something dope with him.

What do you like about Lil B? Why is he special to you?

Because of how he literally forced himself into being the biggest influence to almost every new rap artist that’s popular today. He didn’t even do much, but he did enough to change everything. Kind of like SpaceGhostPurrp but in the proper way.

How do you feel about the term „Soundcloud rapper“? Its been used a lot to slander a lot of artists who use soundcloud as their platform.

It doesn’t bother me much. You gotta‘ make it somehow.

How do your parents feel about your choice to focus on music?

My mom doesn’t want me to make music, really. Or, not music with people who use bad lyrics. She would rather I did everything on my own, honestly, so I don’t have to rely on other people. She likes my music though, I think.

How’d you link up with Famous Dex and how was working with him?

Word got around and I was able to get in contact with him. Everything was relatively easy I think it comes natural to me.

Who is your favorite artist right now?

Honestly I can’t began to name them all. I listen to too much music but I’m trynna work with Pollari soon.

Hope y’all work soon. How would you describe your music?

I’m that new wave!

Do you feel a responsibility to your fans to keep peeling back layers of yourself as you progress with your music?

Hell yeah, Trippie the Onion. Tryna make people cry (laughs).

Word. What are you up to this evening?

I’m gonna get a bottle of liquor and see what happens.