Interview mit Lil Skies

Lil Skies schreibt seine Songtexte bevorzugt auf dem Rücksitz seines Autos. Seine besten Arbeiten entstehen, wenn er das Instrumental über die Lautsprecher laufen lässt und sich währenddessen selbst via iMessage Sprachnachrichten-Funktion aufnimmt. So entstand auch seine Hit-Single „Red Roses“ mit über 21 Millionen Klicks auf Youtube.

Mit Songs wie „Lust“ und „Nowadays“ begeistert der 19-Jährige Rapper aus dem beschaulichen Waynesboro ein Millionenpublikum. Während die Karrieren diverser SoundCloud-Rapper aufgrund von strafrechtlich relevanten Delikten in Petrischalen seziert werden, beobachtet Kimetrius Foos alias Lil Skies das Geschehen mit einem Mikroskop. Trotz seiner Affinität für Cannabis-Konsum, distanziert er sich von der Genre-typischen Glorifizierung von Schmerzmitteln.


How’s being on tour with Lil Uzi Vert been for you? 

It’s a good experience. Every show is better than the last. Every time, I get more control of the crowd, and get more comfortable with the crowd.

You say you want to be outside of the box. Are there artists that you look up to that are like that?

Marilyn Manson for sure. He is so specific in his persona, but it’s so much about his psyche—that underdog kid who was alienated, and this retort to his bullies by being as outrageous and aggressive as possible. I remember seeing him live and he was shirtless, wearing black leather pants, and he had drawn or outlined his ribs to make him look more gaunt, shits crazy. It was like, heroin chic contouring though.

There’s so much intention that goes into crafting a stage persona, but sometimes the way people present themselves can reveal something unconscious, or perhaps unintentionally reflective. Is that what you’re looking for when you look at your own stage perfomance?

There was always such a visual element to the musicians that I fuck with, but I realized I had a real love for it when I was able to analyze it deeper. A love of figuring out how music culture happens, how “culture-culture” happens. Specifically, how underground culture happens, and what it reflects about us at that moment.

What was the last expensive purchase you have made? 

To be honest, I really ain’t bought shit yet. Right now, my focus is investing in myself and bettering my career. All that other shit will come in time.

Things are happening for you pretty fast. You just released your debut album „Life of A Dark Rose„, and now you’re touring across the country. Is it easy for you to handle?

I feel like it’s happening at the perfect time. I feel like it’s happening smooth. Everything came in the clutch. Everything went natural.

Who introduced you into rap music? 

My dad. He did music and shit, so seeing him love it, I figured I’d try it and I just so happened I loved it too. It became my whole life.

Now that your own music is getting more popular, how does your dad feel? 

Yeah he’s supportive as fuck. He stays watching my music videos on YouTube. He calls me everyday talking about how he’s watching my videos.

When you were growing up in Pennsylvania, were you always drawn to the idea of being a rapper?

I never wanted to be anything else. I just wanted to do what I love and be successful at it. I crave this shit, I don’t even know how to explain it. No feelin’ compares to making music and performing songs. I been doing this shit my whole life, literally. People think I came up over night. Hell naw, this shit one hell of a journey.

Where do you see all of this going? What’s your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal? To move my whole family out of Waynesboro, my friends, my family, me. It don’t even need to be out of Waynesboro, just to a better community, a gated community or something. Because around my way it’s too hot. My cousin just got out of jail. I care about the music stuff, but I just want to get the money right now to get my family out the way.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Waynesboro? 

Not really shit to do but skate and smoke. People don’t really do much in my area, that’s why I’m grinding hard. I gotta get my ass outta here.

Last words?

Sending love to the niggas in the comment section who keep telling me I only got famous off of a mom reaction youtuber.